Round-Up: 8 Sustainable Fashion Textiles

Originally written for & published on Luxiders Magazine, Berlin – read here. Insects, fruits, wine, cow dung, coffee and DNA – sounds like a pretty odd list of things, doesn’t it? You’d be surprised to find that all of the natural resources mentioned here have something in common! They are all potential solutions for a more sustainable & circular fashion industry, and a better tomorrow.  … Continue reading Round-Up: 8 Sustainable Fashion Textiles

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Style | ‘Velnim’ Mood

Whoever knows me well enough, knows that I am obsessed with velvet. There was a time when I would think that velvet isn’t easy to style and wear on multiple occasions because of its luxe look and feel. Gradually, trends influenced by bloggers and influencers in the fashion world transformed velvet into something that can be easily dressed up and down as brands started manipulating … Continue reading Style | ‘Velnim’ Mood

The Millennial Traveler

See full project here — SCAD FASM Project Last quarter (Spring 2017), I had a course in Current Trends and Forecasting, for which I had to pick a relevant and evident trend within a specific target market. My group and I chose the travel trend and wrote a report based on the influence of social media on traveling among Generation Y/Millennials. This report was almost … Continue reading The Millennial Traveler