Concrete Jungle | New York

— New York City What’s America without the Big A of the Apple? It would just be Merica… not A Merica! Lame, irrelevant jokes aside – 5 days in New York City with my best friend…? It was all just a vivid fantasy until it turned into reality. It’s true what they say, you haven’t lived it up to the max if you haven’t at least once … Continue reading Concrete Jungle | New York

Exploring Laguna Beach, California

Sunny State| Los Angeles

— Los Angeles, California After San Francisco, I flew over to the glamorous birthplace of Hollywood. It was almost as I had seen in movies and on television – very aesthetically appealing. I was there for 5 days too, and besides being a complete tourist in the big city of Los Angeles, I had the chance to visit Corona City, Irvine, San Diego, and Laguna Beach. … Continue reading Sunny State| Los Angeles

Bay Area | San Francisco

— San Francisco, California I was staying in Mountainview throughout my 5 days in the West coast, therefore, I was able to take the CALtrain to explore the Bay Area (San Francisco), San Jose, and Berkeley. I definitely feel as though I took full advantage of the time, space, and opportunities I had to be able to explore a new and different city every day. It … Continue reading Bay Area | San Francisco