Suburban Specs | Savannah

— Savannah, Georgia Finally – the most important piece of my time in America! Last year, I transferred to the main campus of my university – the Savannah College of Art and Design during Fall quarter, and spent 10 weeks in the most relaxing college town ever. After travelling around America for the first two weeks (see posts on San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York) I had … Continue reading Suburban Specs | Savannah

Windy City | Chicago

— Chicago, Illinois In October 2016, A few days before Hurricane Matthew was about to hit Georgia, all students of SCAD Savannah were given a mandatory evacuation notice. Oh the frenzy, everyone getting their bags packed, cars ready, and flight tickets booked and ready to leave that same night. It was so sudden, right before midterms week we were asked to leave and not get … Continue reading Windy City | Chicago

Concrete Jungle | New York

— New York City What’s America without the Big A of the Apple? It would just be Merica… not A Merica! Lame, irrelevant jokes aside – 5 days in New York City with my best friend…? It was all just a vivid fantasy until it turned into reality. It’s true what they say, you haven’t lived it up to the max if you haven’t at least once … Continue reading Concrete Jungle | New York

Exploring Laguna Beach, California

Sunny State| Los Angeles

— Los Angeles, California After San Francisco, I flew over to the glamorous birthplace of Hollywood. It was almost as I had seen in movies and on television – very aesthetically appealing. I was there for 5 days too, and besides being a complete tourist in the big city of Los Angeles, I had the chance to visit Corona City, Irvine, San Diego, and Laguna Beach. … Continue reading Sunny State| Los Angeles