Un-pho-gettable | Vietnam

— Hanoi, Vietnam This February, the Lunar New Year holiday that is predominantly celebrated in China, Japan and Vietnam gave me the perfect excuse to leave town and spend a full week in the bustling city of Vietnam, Hanoi – somewhere I’ve always wanted to explore in the Southeast! The city is known for its centuries-old architecture and rich blend of Sino-Vietnamese, French & Russian … Continue reading Un-pho-gettable | Vietnam

เขตร้อน | Koh Samet

— Koh Samet, Thailand Going to Thailand had always been on top of my bucket list, and even though I’ve been living in Hong Kong my whole life – a 3 hour flight to Thailand! – the timing just never seemed to be right. Thailand is a major travel destination for many backpackers and tourists – almost like the Los Angeles or Miami of America. … Continue reading เขตร้อน | Koh Samet

‘It’s More Fun in the Philippines’

— Cebu, Philippines Philippines. A country that was on my bucket list since forever! Until one night my dad tells me that he wants to fly my brother & I out to Cebu for his birthday. I have to say, it was as beautiful and exciting as I had imagined. During our short 4-day getaway, we swam with the whale sharks in Oslob, trekked up the … Continue reading ‘It’s More Fun in the Philippines’