Ceylon Charms | Sri Lanka

— Colombo, Sri Lanka This quarter at SCAD, we had a field trip to Sri Lanka for one of my classes – Global Sourcing & Supply Chain. So last Thursday, 8th of Feb, we departed Hong Kong Int’ Airport for six days in Colombo, the capital of the country. Sri Lanka is an island nation in the Indian Ocean that’s famed for its diverse landscapes; … Continue reading Ceylon Charms | Sri Lanka

เขตร้อน | Thailand

— Koh Samet, Thailand Going to Thailand had always been on top of my bucket list, and even though I’ve been living in Hong Kong my whole life – a 3 hour flight to Thailand! – the timing just never seemed to be right. Thailand is a major travel destination for many backpackers and tourists – almost like the Los Angeles or Miami of America. … Continue reading เขตร้อน | Thailand

Reaffirmed Reflections | Pakistan

— Karachi, Pakistan With everything that’s been going on recently, I’d really like to shed some light on my birth town, Karachi (Pakistan), and share a few really important points as well as spread awareness on how truly amazing my country really is. Heads up, this is going to be a long one. If you read my ‘about’ section, you know I was born in … Continue reading Reaffirmed Reflections | Pakistan