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Traveling During COVID-19 + Quarantine Measures in Hong Kong

After spending 7 months in Pakistan, I finally returned to Hong Kong on 20 June, 2020 via Emirates (KHI – DXB – HKG). I documented my journey, highlighting COVID testing procedures upon arrival and my 14-day mandatory quarantine experience at a government-run facility in Hong Kong.

Watch the full video here:

hong kong quarantine, 14-day quarantine, covid travel experience, travel during pandemic,
Watching the city light up with a classic VLT in hand.

It was a comfortable stay at a well-organised facility. I was assigned to a small room with a kitchen and bathroom. Electric appliances that were provided included a TV, mini water kettle, hair dryer, dehumidifier and a fan. Upon arrival, we were asked to select our meal plan for the next 14 days. Since I had arrived from Pakistan, we had the option to choose halal vegetarian, halal meat and local. They provide 3 meals a day, and the food was so much better than I’d expected. There’s a number you can call or Whatsapp if there’s anything specific that you need (like, a broom). Your family and friends can also bring you food / things to make your stay more comfortable (of course, there’s a drop-off procedure from afar and they’re not allowed to enter the quarantine site). If you get bored of having the same food everyday like I did, you can order from restaurants in the neighbourhood via Deliveroo and UberEats (highly recommend Pizza Box to satisfy any pizza cravings).

With a third wave of local infections hitting Hong Kong, the government should consider putting all returnees in mandatory 14-day quarantine at govt. facilities regardless of which country they’re traveling from. Currently, South Asian countries like India and Pakistan are considered ‘high-risk’ and returnees are not allowed to quarantine at home. This should also be the case with those returning from US, UK and other European countries because every country and everyone is at risk.

Crazy to be living through such unprecedented times but grateful for the experience. Hope everyone is staying safe & sane! X

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