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Journeying Into Zero-Waste

In a developing country like Pakistan where awareness around environmental impacts and sustainability is low, a majority of the population doesn’t think twice about what they consume and throw in their rubbish bins. In Karachi alone (the world’s third largest city!), it is estimated that an average 13,000 tonnes of solid waste is generated everyday, while “bureaucratic hurdles, lack of urban planning and inadequate waste management equipment only contribute to the problem” (Export Gov, 2019). The daily usage of plastic bottles, straws, paper bags, styrofoam cups and much more has a detrimental impact on our surroundings as everything we dispose eventually ends up lining our streets – by the local hawker stalls, next to the line of rickshaws, underneath all the dust – it’s everywhere. Maintaining a zero-waste lifestyle is a challenge for many, but by making informed decisions and a few compromises, it’s a goal where a little effort can go a long way.

Read more here: The Environmental, GarbageCAN

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