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Industry Scoop: Modest Fashion

Capturing The Muslim Market With Modest Fashion

Published on Feb 11, 2019 by Marketing Week

As the consumer market of diverse, trend-driven Muslim women grows, so does the demand for modest fashion – characterized by the need for conservative clothing that doesn’t just serve the purpose of covering skin, but also looks good. According to the State of the Global Islamic Economy Report by Thomson Reuters, the global Muslim clothing market is worth US$270 billion and expected to rise, which is why mainstream brands are becoming more and more susceptible to meeting the needs of the modest customer by offering “layered pieces, longer hemlines, sleeves and higher necklines” (Rogers, 2019).

modest fashion, modesty, fashion, muslims, the modist, style

With numerous shopping platforms providing designer modest fashion such as The Modist, Modanisa and even Net-a-Porter or Marks & Spencers, many Muslim women still feel misrepresented as most capsule collections tend to culturally appropriate for commercial benefit rather than cater to their actual needs.

“While the spectrum of Muslim consumers is broad, it takes more to engage them than using a hijabi model in their promotions or presenting an occasional modest collection.” – Burcu Yilmaz, Modanisa

Brands need to consult and involve these consumers in the decision-making processes of such campaigns in order to get an authentic opinion and understand the various nuances when attempting at dressing a culturally-sensitive audience. Since research shows that Muslim women spend 16% more on fashion than the average British consumer, there is no reason why brands shouldn’t invest their time & efforts in satisfying the demands of this loyal, high-spending, savvy & highly connected demographic.

What other opportunities or hindrances do you foresee in modest fashion? Have you ever wanted to dress modestly despite being non-Muslim? Share your thoughts!

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