Travel Wishlist 2018/19

I thought instead of making a moodboard, it’d be nice to compile the top five destinations that i’d like to visit within the next year (before the end of Summer 2019). This way, I can refer to it whenever I want anytime I’m lacking inspiration and motivation.

(Disclaimer: I do not take ownership for any of the photos below. Please see credits within the captions) 

1. Explore Pakistan

It’s truly a shame that i’ve only seen one city in this beautiful land that I was born in, and everytime I go back I just don’t have the time or resources to visit. It’s something that I have to do with my family, and having six members under one roof is a tough task, let alone a different city.  There’s so much beauty to witness in this country…

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Hunza Valley, Pakistan (Pak Travel Guide)

2. Sydney, Australia

For some reason I have this dream of moving to Australia. The Bondi Beach might have something to do with it… I don’t just want to visit this beach once, I want to live there so I spend all my days basking in the Oceania sunshine. This country just seems like the perfect balance between Hong Kong and California, and i’m really not sure why I haven’t taken the opportunity to visit yet…

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Bondi Beach, Sydney, Australia (Simon Rae via Unsplash)

3. Shiraz, Iran

I remember the sheer scale of Iranian mosques, the smell of Persian chelo kebab, the glimmer in the gemstones at the local market, the swarm of women in traditional burqas and the loud calls of the Islamic prayer, azaan. But I was only nine. So, unfortunately I don’t have any photos of my own from this trip to create a blog post – but this trip to Tehran and Mashad in Iran was a religious, yet enjoyable one. I hope to go back someday to explore Shiraz, as this Pink Mosque has been on my mind ever since it caught my eye three years ago. Isn’t it just jaw-droppingly exquisite?

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Shiraz, Iran
The Pink Mosque, Shiraz – Iran (Shutterstock)

4. Amman, Jordan

Because who doesn’t want to float amidst the Dead Sea with a book in hand and feel as though they’re just lounging on their regular couch at home?

The Dead Sea, Jordan

5. Chefchaouen + Tangier, Morocco

Last but not least… a country that I would go back to in a heartbeat. Last summer, I had the privilege of solo-traveling in Morocco for 10 days, allowing me to explore Casablanca, Fes & Marrakech. Unfortunately that wasn’t enough time for me to visit other adventurous areas like Tangier and Chefchaouen, as they were more difficult to get to and better with just a backpack, not two suitcases in my case. Take me baaaaack!!!

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2018-08-06 16_54_05-chefchaouen morocco - Google Search
Chefchaouen, Morocco (Heart my Backpack)

There are obviously many other places in the world that I would like to visit, but these are by far at the top of my list! What are yours? Xx

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