The Millennial Traveler

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— SCAD FASM Project

Last quarter (Spring 2017), I had a course in Current Trends and Forecasting, for which I had to pick a relevant and evident trend within a specific target market. My group and I chose the travel trend and wrote a report based on the influence of social media on traveling among Generation Y/Millennials. This report was almost 7000 words long and consisted of in-depth primary and secondary market trend research which explored the global relationship between travel and social media and how certain brands have built relationships with this Millennial traveler, as well as a PEST analysis, market strategies identified, and strategic market proposals. The final piece was a compilation of all the above, resulting in a trends forecasting book based on the Millennial traveler.

millennials, travel, trends, forecast, fashion, japan, food, beauty
The Millennial Traveler
millennials, travel, trends, forecast, fashion, japan, food, beauty
The Millennial Traveler

A brief introduction excerpt from the book is as follows:

‘In today’s digital age where cultural boundaries, religious and language barriers are crossed by international globe-trotters; due to the exchange in businesses or expansion of the tourism industry – travel is viewed as a necessity rather than a luxury. With endless photographs of exotic vacations and thrill-seeking excursions that flood the social feeds of Millennials, it should come as no surprise that traveling has become a priority for this market. Hence, companies have become aware of the new consumer market and are attempting to focus their marketing strategies towards Generation Y – the Millennial, digital traveler.’

We divided this trend analysis into six different components, and each one is classified by a popular travel destination for Millennials and has a unique story to tell. These are self-explanatory, but greater emphasis is placed on them through a series of the ‘Whats in my Bag’ ideology; which is our attempt at linking the travel trend with the fashion industry and looking at how different factors between the two contribute in influencing each other. The six different places are Dubai (Luxe), Hong Kong (Urbane), Japan (Nippon), India (Vibrancy), Miami (Halcyon) and Sweden (Regress).

It is believed that Millennials are the future of the travel industry as they will represent 50% of travellers by 2025.


Videographer: Augustina Leung
Models: Augustina Leung, Mashal Mush, Millie Yu, Peony Choi
Location: Hong Kong

See full project here

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