Style | ‘A Turn for the Better’

As finals were approaching last quarter around mid-March, a fellow fashion design colleague (at SCAD Hong Kong) asked me if I would like to model for her work; ‘A Turn for the Better’ –  in order to showcase her design in the best way possible through a photoshoot and video, so I thought why not! Here is what Cheryl Suetman Ma has to say about her excellent piece of work:

“I designed a luxury sportswear for the unisex market, which could be worn in both sporty and casual occasions by both genders because of it’s genderless appeal. Actually, Andreja Pejic is the icon in this age of gender fuzziness. He had undergone some degeneration surgery and had successfully transformed from a man to a woman. Even though there has been endless social criticism from the general public on his transformation, he is just living out his own life. Her (formerly his) unisex charisma has captivated many famous brands because he could carry the menswear and the womenswear in a charming way. There is no more gender discrimination nowadays and the unisex design is getting more and more popular and universally accepted.

Sportswear is no longer just for sports but also for many other occasions who like the tint of athleisure in the different walks of life. The person who is wearing it should be energetic and proactive. The sportswear will be packed with a small plastic bag of embroidery appliques with back glue. Every consumer could also have the chance to customize this standardized sportswear by ironing the different embroidery appliqués on different parts of the garment so as to make it unique for each person. The stretchy fabric helps to fit to the particular shape people in different sizes even when they are playing different types of sports.

Having been further inspired by the fashion of the seventies, I adopted a traditional styled sleeve with elastic and bracelet cuffs. The base fabric is a printed fleece type. Functionally speaking, it is wind-proof and anti-Ultra Violet. There is a decorative fabric layer to give the design a transparent layer over the base fabric. The color used is a combination of gunmetal, black, brown, copper red, golden yellow, light grey and slate blue.”

– Cheryl Suetman Ma

FullSizeRender 2*raw, unedited photos

Designer: Cheryl Suetman Ma
Hair & Makeup: Myself
Photography: Cheryl Suetman Ma

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