Suburban Specs | Savannah

— Savannah, Georgia

Finally – the most important piece of my time in America!

Last year, I transferred to the main campus of my university – the Savannah College of Art and Design during Fall quarter, and spent 10 weeks in the most relaxing college town ever. After travelling around America for the first two weeks (see posts on San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York) I had arrived at my final destination and I was absolutely thrilled to be there! It was an entirely different feeling being there and an incredible break away from the hustle and bustle of Hong Kong; which is what i’m accustomed to. Living anywhere else felt odd at first, with no family or friends, going home to a dorm room, having to cook and clean after myself… But it was an experience that was one of a kind.

As a girl from an international metropolis, always engulfed in an urban crowd and surrounded by skyscrapers; Savannah was an eye-opener – as it was so laid back and relaxing, with a typical suburban vibe. The weather was always bright and pleasant, weekends were always lively, streets downtown would be lined with cute cafes and restaurants, and people would be scattered through Forsyth Park walking their dogs, picnicking, or just lounging. It was amazing and I definitely recommend all SCAD Hong Kong students to spend at least a quarter at the Savannah or Atlanta campus!

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