Windy City | Chicago

— Chicago, Illinois

In October 2016, A few days before Hurricane Matthew was about to hit Georgia, all students of SCAD Savannah were given a mandatory evacuation notice. Oh the frenzy, everyone getting their bags packed, cars ready, and flight tickets booked and ready to leave that same night. It was so sudden, right before midterms week we were asked to leave and not get back until the storm had completely passed. All my roommates and friends had scattered to San Francisco, Atlanta, Boston, New York, Florida, etc. I was probably one of the last few students left in Savannah, unsure of where to go or what to do. Chicago was on my list of places to visit in America but I had almost given up on the idea because of the time constraint. This was the perfect opportunity and it was just meant to be. I had the most exciting ten full days in Chicago with my childhood friend whom I hadn’t seen in almost a decade!

Highlights; all touristy tingz:

  1. Navy Pier
  2. Willis Tower Sky Deck
  3. The Bean
  4. Deep Dish Pizza (I suggest Lou Manati’s)
  5. Chicago Hot Dogs
  6. Art Institute of Chicago
  7. Devon Avenue (basically a piece of Asia)
  8. Chicago Lakefront Trail

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