Arabian Nights | Dubai

— Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Dubai is a lavish city in the United Arab Emirates and a popular resort destination for many Europeans. As a Pakistani, I had already taken a trip to the Middle East was when I was a kid (probably 6 or 7 years old), to Dubai and Abu Dhabi. However, this post is in remembrance of my trip to Dubai when i was eighteen. It was my first holiday out of Hong Kong without my parents, and the first time I paid for my own flight ticket. This was a 10-day long Christmas break in the December of 2014 when I decided to visit my elder sister after she had moved there with her husband, and it was absolutely incredible!

Every time i enter Dubai, a sweltering hot breath of air swathes over me and each time, I am as excited to be there as every other because of the hospitable people, the delectable Middle-Eastern cuisines, and luxuriant lifestyle. Here are some of the best photographs of my short but enjoyable time feeling like a complete #dubaiyan and five things you can’t miss out on if you go:

  1. Watch a sunset while sitting on top of sand dunes after an exciting camel ride through the desert
  2. Sun-bathe (if you aren’t already tanned enough by the regular heat) at Jumeirah Beach
  3. Admire the beautiful architecture of the mosques
  4. Devour a big fat traditional shawarma wrap at Zaatar w Zeit on Sheikh Zayed Road
  5. Have a hookah all to yourself in the dozens of shisha cafes scattered on every street and corner



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